Columbian Newspaper: Clark College Faculty Demand Pay Equity

Clark College Faculty continue to demand equity in pay.  The Clark College Administration continues to stonewall them.

Click Here for the article in the Columbian Newspaper.

STRIKE! Vancouver Public Schools

UPDATE January 25, 2019.  Strike averted at the 11th hour as administration agrees to the union offer and terms.  Vancouver Public Schools Classified Staff voted to strike and the evening before the strike in a last minute reversal of position the VPS Administration caved and agreed to meet the union demands.

Click Here for the article in the Columbian Newspaper.

STRIKE!  L.A. Teachers

Update Jan 22, 2019  A deal was struck and the one-week long strike has ended.  The decision to walk off the job came after months of negotiations between the teachers’ union, United Teachers Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Unified School District. Although educators on all sides agree California should spend more money on education, the union and the district are locked in a bitter feud about how Los Angeles should use the money it already gets...

STRIKE!  Bellingham Technical College 2014

The faculty strike at Bellingham Technical College in late September highlighted the connection between local bargaining and politics... in the end striking faculty members won pay increases, workload relief and a renewed sense of union solidarity and strength.