AHE's upcoming events:

Pack the Board Meeting: At 5 pm on Wednesday May 22nd in Gaiser Hall 213, we'll pack the Board meeting to communicate faculty's need for fair and professional pay. The Board has the power to direct our president to increase our wages. We need to continue making our case that faculty is valuable, and that our current compensation is unacceptable. We'll be joined by some of our community supporters and are aiming to not only fill the room but also the hallway with people and "fair contract" signs. Join us for a General Membership Meeting at 3:30 pm place tbd and a rally at the fountain at 4:30 pm prior to the BoT meeting on May 22nd. 

International Workers Day: On Wednesday, May 1st, AHE is asking faculty to cancel classes in observance of International Workers Day and in protest of the college's lack of cooperation in meeting our needs for fair pay. We can take a personal day or a day of conscious. AHE and NERD Girls are co-sponsoring a film viewing of "At the River I Stand" followed by a panel discussion of the intersection of the labor movement and the Civil Rights movement. This event can serve as an alternative for those who can't cancel their classes. Bring your students up to Gaiser Student Center between 9 am and 5 pm and learn about labor history!

This Event was a huge success! More than 140 classes were canceled! In addition, we had several students attend the panel and film viewing.


Wear Red on Wednesdays

Support your union!  We deserve pay equity with K12.

We need YOU to wear RED color clothing every Wednesday.  Your CCAHE Pay Equity T-Shirt is a great option for this.

We need your help.  We need to send a message to this administration that we are united in demanding pay equity with K12!